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Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP): New Income-Tested Benefit

On December 11, 2023, Health Canada issued details on the Canada dental care plan that would cover a wide variety of dental services for certain Canadian residents. The plan will be rolled out from late 2023 to 2025. 

 To be eligible, the individual and their spouse or common-law partner (if applicable) must meet all of the following conditions:

  • have an adjusted family net income (AFNI) of less than $90,000;
  • be a Canadian resident for tax purposes;
  • have filed their tax return in the previous year; and
  • not have access to dental insurance, meaning that it is not available through the taxpayer’s or a family member’s employer or pension, or not purchased through a group plan.

Eligibility for children under 18 will be determined by their parents’/guardians’ eligibility.

Individuals will need to meet the eligibility requirements annually. More information on the annual reassessment process will be provided by the government at a later date.

The CDCP will pay for eligible services provided by an oral health provider (such as dentists, denturists, dental hygienists and dental specialists), less a portion that is to be paid directly by the patient (the “co-payment”). No co-payment is required if AFNI is under $70,000. The co-payment starts at 40% for AFNI between $70,000 and $79,999 and increases to 60% for AFNI between $80,000 and $89,999.

Oral health providers are encouraged to follow the CDCP fees, which are not the same as the provincial and territorial fee guides, so their patients do not face additional charges at the point of care. Oral health providers who have enrolled with CDCP will bill the plan directly. Health Canada noted that patients should ask if the provider has enrolled in the CDCP when booking their appointment to limit unexpected out-of-pocket payments.

The program will be first rolled out to seniors with application invitation letters starting in December 2023. Eligible seniors will be able to engage in covered services as early as May 2024. Those with a disability tax credit certificate (T2201) or under 18 years of age can begin to apply as of June 2024. The remaining eligible residents will be able to apply in 2025.

CRA noted that only those who are 70 years old or older by March 31, 2024, have AFNI of less than $90,000 for 2022, and were Canadian tax residents for 2022 will receive the initial application instruction letters.

Once an individual has applied and is determined to be eligible, Service Canada will share the individual’s information with Sun Life, the contracted service provider, for enrolment into the CDCP. Eligible individuals will receive a member card, and be notified of the start date of their coverage. The start date will vary based on when each group can apply, when the application is received and when enrollment is completed.

Oral health providers will be able to enroll voluntarily as a participating CDCP provider directly with Sun Life in early 2024. Details on this process will be available on Health Canada’s webpage when enrollment opens. Oral health providers enrolled in the CDCP will be required to submit the claims directly to Sun Life for payment rather than having patients seek reimbursement from Sun Life for services covered under the plan.

ACTION: If you are an eligible individual, apply for this new benefit when invited. If you are a oral health care provider, consider enrolling as a provider in the plan.