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Claiming Child, School, and Tutoring Costs

If you work or go to school and need childcare services you may be able to claim those expenses on your tax return. Some of the services are:

  • caregivers providing child care services;
  • day nursery schools and daycare centres;
  • fees for child care services offered through educational institutions;
  • day camps and day sports schools where the primary goal of the camp is to care for children (an institution offering a sports study program is not a sports school); or
  • boarding schools, overnight sports schools, or camps where lodging is involved.

You may also claim school and tutoring costs as medical expenses if your child has a learning disability (line 330 or line 331 of your schedule 1). You will need a letter from a medical practitioner stating in writing, that the facilities or tutoring is needed because of your child’s impairment.

Keep all of your receipts or documents related to your child’s schooling or tutoring services in case the CRA asks for them after you file your return.

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